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Interactive Retail Space Lease Plan

Quick and easy there has never been a tool like our new Interactive Lease Plan.

Get your Interactive Lease Plan up in less than 5 minutes.

Here is a very quick run through of features that will give you an idea of how powerful, yet quick and easy our system is. Need to change an area? No problem. Remove what's in your way and redraw a new area very quickly. Change the color and relink to the data. Literally takes seconds.

Add the Lease Plan, Start Drawing areas, and Link the Data

Our system is powerful and robust yet quick and very user friendly. What you will see in this video is the basics of getting started. Upload the lease plan you are going to work with. Embed it in a page. Draw some areas on the image and link to the Tenant Space information. All in less than 5 minutes.

Add a new area along with the Tenant Space Information

Many times when you are adding the area to the image map you will also need to add the tenant space information as well. Remember what you are doing. You are adding information to two different spots within the database.

2 Data Types: Image Map and Tenant Space Custom Post Types

There are two places you are saving information. One within the Image Mapper itself. You are drawing the area, changing the color of the area and linking the data. The second is within the Tenant Space where you are saving the information on the suite, documents, blueprints, panoramas and pictures.

Watch How Easy It Is To Edit!

Changing a Tenant's Staus

We can customize statuses according to the tenant. One standard operating procedure is to run with these 6 statuses: Lease Executed (Green), Lease Negotiation (Light Blue), Real Estate Committee (Pink), Letter of Intent (Orange), Prospect (Yellow) and Available (Red).

It is simple to change the status on our interactive Lease Map. It takes only a matter of seconds.

Linking the Data - Image Map and Tenant Space Custom Post Types

Linking the data is pretty simple. Just remember you are saving info in two locations within the same database:

  • Image Map/Lease Plan
    • Saves the lease plan and the areas that are plotted.
    • Saves the status color and where to link to the data.
  • Tenant Space Custom Post Type
    • Saves all of the information on the Tenant Space
    • Also saves Documents, Blueprints, Forms, pictures and panoramas